Wednesday, September 22, 2010

There is no room for concession

Ecumenism, the spirit of the age. It seems now that everyone is finding a reason to unite with everyone. Find the similarity no matter how small and unify on the basis of that alone. This is nonsense. We are not all the same, we have differences and that is quite alright. When it comes to religion I have even less patience. What is the need to unite with the Latins? Yes we share similarities, that does not mean we are the same, and that certainly is no ground for unification. The creed would be "We believe in Christ, whom we share no common opinion." And that is exactly what it would be, a superficial unity.

Josef Ratzinger erroneously and deceitfully refers to himself as a Pope. This title was negated once Leo I came to power in Rome and split the church with his newly introduced ideas of the papal supremacy of Rome and worldly ideas of church government. They have left the grace of the Holy Spirit, they have added to the creed and introduced foreign doctrines. The last two leaders of Rome have knowingly covered up sex abuse scandals and in the worst way, moving the abusive priest to another church, over and over again. Yet we are to believe that the leader of Rome is infallible, in no way is he infallible.

According to Fr. Cozzone's The Changing Face of the Priesthood, almost %50 of the clergy of Rome is homosexual, keep in mind Cozzone is a Catholic priest. How can we be unified with this? Homosexuals administering the sacraments, teaching our children, and leading people to overcome sin, this is absurd.  Karol Józef Wojtyła, the false pope before Ratzinger, kissed the Koran, placed an Idol og buddha on the altar in Assisi, was blessed by a pagan priestess, and worshipped with jews in the synagogue, as did Ratzinger much later. This is all heretical and unacceptable to Orthodoxy. This is clearly not in line with our church, nor the writings and history of our church fathers. The glorious St. Dioscorous anathemized Leo I for supporting a nestorian heretic Theodoret of Cyrus, I highly doubt he would accept the Latins now especially since they are much worse off than in his time. There can be no concessions made! There can be no unity with heretics! 

I will not recognize Ratzinger or anyone from Leo I on as a legitimate Pope, and there is no reason anyone else should. I will show him the same respect I would show Arius, I will not kiss his hand or recognize anything they have done or continue to do as in line with Orthodoxy. There should be dialog, that is a good thing, but participating in their worship service is unacceptable in my view as I am sure it would be in our early fathers eyes. 

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