Sunday, May 15, 2011

Emancipation of the Woman


       Why do you paint your faces? Is the reason to “enhance your beauty”? Is not the beauty given by God sufficient? The outward beauty was created by God and hence should not be altered, while the inward beauty depends upon the individual and can be altered or enhanced. If you wish to enhance your beauty then be obedient to God and let it radiate outwardly from within. Do you not know that painting your face and dressing in an immodest fashion is sinful? If you do this, and it is indeed a sin, and you bring a man to look upon you in lust, is your sin then doubled? I am not saying that women who act in this manner are whores, I am merely showing that they have more in common with a whore than with the saints. To approach the body and blood of our Lord with painted faces, partially exposed breasts, and or tight fitting clothing is disgraceful. 

I am sure that many will come to view what I am saying as sexist enslavement, hardly, these words are that of emancipation. You are not slaves to this world so why is it that you willingly embrace its chains? The world tells us that this behavior is liberating, but I find this to be deceit. Many women refuse to leave their homes unless they have their make-up on, and their fashionable clothing . Since this is a sin and they are unable to separate themselves from it, they are not free in any sense of the word. They have become slaves to sin. Since much of this behavior brings the wandering eyes, and the weakness in men, to look upon them in sin, they have compounded their sin. Therefore our women have embraced the shackles of this false freedom, then compound the weight of their sin with another, whom they brought to sin, how is this liberating?

A prostitute does not dress modest. She does not humble herself by keeping covered. She must dress provocative in order to draw the attention of men. What is the purpose of an Orthodox Christian woman dressing herself in a similar, provocative, fashion? Does this become different and acceptable when the woman is Orthodox? Absolutely not. While the intent of the Orthodox woman, most likely, is not to draw men into sin, she herself is still sinning and bringing others to sin. This demonstrates there is little difference in appearance between a prostitute and any woman who dresses in a provocative, even slightly revealing, fashion. What was the first thing Adam and Eve did after they fell into sin? They covered themselves, and God had fashioned clothing for them. Did God fashion for eve a nice tight fitting top that enhanced Eve’s breast size and showed a fair amount of clevage, and did He fashion short and very tight shorts? God would not fashion such degrading clothing, even for those who have disobeyed Him. If Adam and Eve fled from God because they were naked, why is it acceptable for anyone to approach the body and blood of Christ looking like a whore? 

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