Friday, January 24, 2014

Christians Created Atheists

I am not sure when tensions between science and Christianity began but what I am certain of, although I may be wrong, is that Christians have created atheists. This may seem absurd since the objective of Christians is the exact opposite, but let me explain. When you know something and can prove it with indisputable facts, and someone outright rejects it because it conflicts with their interpretation of their beliefs or just their world view, that would upset you in some manner. This is exactly what many Christians have done, argued against fact because their interpretation of the bible comes before factual evidence. I can understand being skeptical about theories or ideas which may be based on inferential evidences, that is fine and actually serves to further science and critical thinking altogether. What is not fine is the kripkean dogmatist position that many Christians have taken, that despite the evidence I am going to reject it because of what I believe.

A good example of this is the account of creation in Genesis. There are many Christians who take this literally and thereby reject any scientific data that suggests a much different time frame and that it likely was the result of a big bang. First off, the account in Genesis is likely metaphorical, used to explain to people, who lack scientific understanding during the time in which it was written, how things came to be. The obvious reason this is metaphorical is that God rested on the 7th day, so unless Christians are willing to believe that the All Mighty is in need of rest, thereby finite in some way, they have to take the preceding verses as metaphors. We know the rate at which the universe is expanding, we can observe this, there is no doubt about it. Logically we can conclude that there was a point of origin, this also does not conflict with "let there be light" as that could be referencing the big bang, as God undoubtedly uses explainable means with which to work in His creation. He abides by the laws He created in space time.

What Christians need to understand is context, Genesis was written for a people who were not exactly astrophysicists and geologists, but poor slaves. Giving them detailed scientific explanations for how all creation came about is absurd, so logically very simple metaphors were used so that all people, even children, could understand. As we grow and learn we know that there are scientific explanations that are not contradictory to scripture, unless you  misinterpret them as literal.

Because so many of these Christians make a stand, they tend to infuriate scientists with their kripkean dogmatism and pompous attitudes towards what others have worked a lifetime to understand. It makes little sense to disrespect a scientist and his or her field of study, it is also disrespectful and arrogant to simply reject their knowledge and expertise on the basis of your own personal interpretation of scripture. This arrogance reflects on the beliefs the Christians claim to espouse, so logically someone on the outside would look at Christianity as a close minded religion in which all scientific evidence is rejected in favor of erroneous personal interpretations of scripture. If I knew nothing of Christianity and seen Kent Hovind debating someone, I would likely despise Christianity based on his actions. Kirk Cameron is another loonie that serves to push more people away from Christianity than it does open their eyes to its beauty. He has done more to close the minds of people than Aristotle has in opening them. Kirk Cameron does not define Christianity, in fact its quite the opposite. Early Christians were educated in the sciences and philosophy, they took time in understanding opposing views, not bashing them.

Kirk Cameron and Kent Hovind have done more to further atheism than any scientist has, in fact if you were going to convince someone to be an atheist, dont get them Richard Dawkins "The God Delusion" just show them how stupid and close minded these kripkean dogmatists like Cameron and Hovind are, if that doesn't do it, I don't know what will.

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