Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mental Illness is a Reality

                        I have read and heard many so called intelligent people go on mad rants about how mental illness is not real. They cite odd sources and claim that this is made up for drug companies to make billions off of a made up diagnosis. Simple logic completely diffuses this argument, and while I am not supporting big pharma, I am supporting truth and truth alone. I also am not medical doctor so I will not try to use any scientific data, just logic.

                        We can look at a few things, brain injury for instance. When a person sustains any number of brain injuries they often end up exhibiting mood swings and other "non-existent" mental illness. Now, if mental illness is not true then the brain should not be affected in this way when it sustains injury, however, it does. There are no better examples then NFL players who often sustain many concussions and then show signs of bi-polar disorder, sometimes ending in suicide.

                        Drug addicts also tend to exhibit mental illnesses, namely those who use meth or bath salts. They show signs of extreme paranoia, delusions, mood swings, often very violent ones and even hallucinations. These even occur when the person is no longer using them even for an extended period thereby having a mental illness caused by drug abuse. If mental illness is not true then why does this occur? assuming it does not exist, then this should not happen.

                        Simple logic defuses such an argument and it is sad that mental illness is treated differently than those who abuse their bodies. In fact mental illness is less accepted than those who engage in violent sports that damage their brain or those who abuse drugs that damage their brain. Why is mental illness met with such hostility when simple logic shows that it exists, not on account of some greedy corporation but a legitimate reality? Stupidity.

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