Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Rationalizing the Existence of God

I believe in the big bang, and science in general. I believe that God created in a way that is scientifically discoverable and understandable. I also believe that the account in Genesis is more metaphorical than literal. What does this have to do with rationalizing the existence of God? I believe that the big bang could not have happened without God as the motivating factor. We know that matter cannot self exist or decide to create itself unless someone creates it. We also know, as far as I am aware, that matter does not decide to explode creating life through the process of evolution.

We seem to, however, come to the same conclusion with God that we do matter. What created matter? I assert that God created matter and initiated the big bang. Well then, what created God? This seems to be a big, if not bigger, problem than what created matter. But that is assuming that God can be created or come into existence like matter. It is lowering the creator to the level of creation and there is no comparison.

For instance, mankind can understand, observe, and test matter. We can know its properties and how it behaves through the scientific method. We can, with a degree of certainty, predict how matter will behave. We cannot do the same for God, by definition he is beyond matter, above it, outside it. A finite being trying to understand and grasp an infinite being is impossible, which is why we, as finite beings, lower God to an understandable level like that of matter. Its like infinity in mathematics, which has driven people absolutely mad in trying to grasp it, and there are a number of examples of this because the nature of infinity is not something a finite being can fully understand.

Its like comparing a computer to its creator. Yes the computer is complex, but it is explainable and understandable. The human, however, is far more complex. A single strand of human DNA is far more complex than the most advanced computer system today. In fact most people do not understand DNA, the believe it and accept it, but its beyond their capability to understand. Now compare an infinite being to a finite being. Its impossible.

So I assert that matter cannot always exist, it is finite and therefore must have an infinite creator. To assert that matter has "always existed" would be to infer that matter is infinite and we know that this is not the case. So, there must be a God outside creation yet inside creation at the same time. 

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