Sunday, August 15, 2010

Scientific Atheism Requires Faith

Luke 18:8 "When the Son of Man returns, will He find faith on the earth?" Never has a statement been so true and visible. Protestantism has ushered in a liberal mindset, that everyones truth, is indeed truth. This being a form of Nihilism, not denying all truth but making truth relative to the individual. This continual "protest" of Protestantism eventually reduces itself to its simplest form. The new denomination having to outdo the previous one with new and improved gimmicks. This leads people to either believe that Christianity is a do it yourself religion, and can be practiced by anyone with a bible. Or it leads a sober minded individual into disbelief, knowing that these denominations are indeed superficial. These supposed "Christians" are bringing more people to atheism than to Christ, hence the militant mindset of a vast majority of atheists.

Science also plays a major role in converting unsuspecting people to atheism. Science claims it knows the secrets of the universe, when in fact this is an outright lie. For example a bone is dug up and an interpretation placed upon it, therefore it now becomes evidence for the atheist that evolution is true and Christianity is just some fairy tale. We must look to the origin of all things. In the Judeo/Christian belief, we believe the account in Genesis, God created all things in a literal 6 day period and rested on the 7th. This of course is laughable to scientists, but if it is not true then why do we use the 7 day week? It is simple. God could have created all things in an instant, or over a period of billions of years, but he chose 6 days, resting on the 7th. This is very logical as to why this was done, to give structure and a sense of time to mankind. As the other two options of creation are illogical, in the Christian sense, because it establishes nothing in the way of structure and guidance.

Now on to the beginning for the scientific community. The majority, if not all, believe in the big bang theory. I find this highly illogical and I will explain why. The big bang theory says that there was a small bit of matter about the size of a period on this page. This matter began to spin until it finally exploded and all matter came from that tiny piece of matter. Now maybe that is what happend, but let us look at just how probable that event really is. Before the matter could have come into being, of its own accord because there is no creator, space itself had to exist, of its own accord, in order for matter to exist. According to science space had to self exist, and matter had to self exist afterwards, did they have a conversation with one another as to who would do what and why?

Richard Dawkins, in the documentary Root of all Evil, calls evolution a cosmic lottery, this after determining that the account in Genesis is highly improbable. What are the chances of winning the lottery tomorrow? Its pretty improbably but not impossible by any means. What are the odds of me winning the lottery two days in a row? That is next to impossible and because it has never happened in all likelihood it never will. The odds of me winning the lottery every day for the rest of my life, that is impossible and will never happen. Yet this is similar to what evolution wants us to believe, that a series of highly improbable events happened in sequence for life to come about. It is so improbable it probably never happened. As demonstrated above the scientists have a difficult time explaining where this matter came from as matter can neither be created nor destroyed. Where did the space in which the matter existed come from? To believe this requires faith, nobody has seen matter self exist, therefore it is faith.



  1. Those were good points you made...but a question if I may ask, in regards to your comment about the Earth being created in 7 days only: how would you explain the verse in 1 Peter that says that (and I paraphrase here) one day is as a thousand years with God and a thousand years as one day?

    The big bang theory is quite ridiculous I agree just as the Miller and Urey experiment was ridiculous as well; in their experiment, Miller and Urey tried to prove that a single cell could have been spontaneously generated from the hot conditions present at the beginning of the Earth's history. However, they were unable to prove that. They got some organic molecules at the bottom of the flask but you need DNA and enzymes to guide those to make a cell. And in order to have DNA and make it replicate, you need the cell beforehand that sends out signals for the DNA to replicate. Bottom line is: they were trying to create life in a flask and they couldn't.

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  3. St. Peter is saying that to God time is nothing because God is above time, for he created time. The seven day creation was given to us to give us structure and direction, it was not for God but by God.

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