Saturday, August 14, 2010

The System of the Antichrist

For the Antichrist to be an effective ruler and exercise his power worldwide, a worldwide system will need to be in place. The political, economic, and social systems all need to be united world wide for when the Antichrist arises, making it easier for him to grab the reigns of power. Today in our modern society westernization has made its way into every nook and cranny of this world. No country has been able to fend of westernization, everyone is infected with an inflated sense of unity. Even though things will seemingly be united, it is superficial. There is nothing unified about it. Like mixing iron and clay, so too will be this global unity. What is it that binds us, love? Far from love. It is a desire to be gods. Since God is either minimized in the eyes of most or completely removed from the minds of others, someone needs to take the place of God. So all of us, together, are moving towards our own selfish desire of becoming a god, or the god of our own world and our own truth.

From this will the Antichrist arise. The messiah that the foolish jews have been waiting for. A jew from the tribe of Dan, born of a whore. He will be the one to rise above all others and be bold enough to proclaim himself as God. When he arrives on the political scene, he will exercise his power, mercilessly. He will have this ability, this power, because of the global system established over a period of a couple hundred years before his birth. This is why the system is so important for the Antichrist, if it was not in place he could not exercise authority over all the worlds people, such as forcing everyone to receive a mark in order to buy or sell. Keep watching, be aware. These things have been happening for sometime now and nobody seems to notice.

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