Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Truth is Relative to the Individual

Liberalism. "It is rather a passive Nihilism, or, better yet, the neutral breeding-ground of the more advanced stages of Nihilism." (Fr. Seraphim Rose, Nihilism, p.23) Liberalism is a growing ideology in not only America but around the world. It shares no cohesive ideology, except for in instances of mass protest against something non-liberal. While this ideology does not outright reject truth, it does minimize truth. It makes truth relative to the individual. So truth does exist, not in its absolute form, but according to each individual. Everyone can have their own thought, their own idea, their own belief, but you cannot take a stance that any of these are truth, or that your belief is "truer" than another. This is liberalism in practice.

So what is the big deal with everyone having "their truth?" It is quite simple, if everyone has the truth, no one has the truth. How can a group of people, who all have opposing beliefs, all have the truth? If I say 2 + 2= 5, is that true? No, of course it is not true and nobody should be told that it is alright to believe this. Then we come to homosexuality. As a society, we are not allowed to disagree with the act of homosexuality, if we do then we are peppered with all sorts of fun and colorful words. We are to believe that homosexuality is something you are born with. What of pedophiles? Are they born pedophiles in the same way homosexuals are born homosexual? NAMBLA believes that they are born pedophiles, so according to liberal ideology we MUST accept it.

But what of homosexuality? Is there any proof that they are not born this way? Of course there is. Lets say a man is born homosexual, he will have all the working components that a homosexual should have, because he is after all homosexual. This is incorrect. This is where the blog takes a very nasty and graphic turn so prepare. In the anus, there is a muscle called the spincter. Unlike the vagina of a woman, the spincter is not made to stretch very big at all. When this muscle does get stretched too much, usually through anal sex, the muscle tears and does not go back to its original size. After repeated anal sex over a period of time, this muscle wears down until it is of no use and cannot close at all. Therefore if a man is born homosexual then all his parts should be homosexual as well, apparently no homosexual male has a homosexual spincter, because they are not made for anal penetration.

The danger of liberalism here is that by society eventually accepting something that was considered unacceptable than others will follow. Homosexuality is considered moral by many people, who is to say that pedophilia is not moral? By what standard do we measure morality? That is moral relativism, which is a whole other subject.

Liberalism is just smoke and mirrors, it confuses everything. Everything is true according to everyone, who all have opposing beliefs. Liberalism is a must for the system of the antichrist. The people need to coalesce despite differences. This again is similar to the statue in the book of Daniel, the final empire is mixed as iron and clay, they dont mix. Uniting a people under the banner of liberalism will not work, the glue will not hold and the fabric will start to tear.


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